About Portobello Coronavirus Action Group

Who is Portobello Coronavirus Action Group?
We’re a self-organised group of volunteers all living locally in Portobello.

Are you a registered charity?
No, we’re a temporary group set up to respond quickly to help our neighbours in Portobello while the restrictions related to Coronavirus are in place. 

For customers

Who is your shopping service for?

  • People who are self-isolating
  • Key workers who are struggling to get what they need due to long working hours and empty shelves
  • People who are carers for dependants and are finding it difficult to get to the supermarket

Is there any charge for your service?
No, there is no charge. You will only reimburse the shopping volunteer the cost of the shopping they have bought for you. 

What’s the best way to contact you?
You can email us at portycoronavirusaction@gmail.com or phone us on 0131 210 0200, whichever is easiest for you.

Who will I speak to if I phone up?
The phone line will be answered by one of our volunteeers.

What time can I ring?
The phone line will be open between 9 am and 5 pm each day. Outside of these times you can leave a message and a volunteer will call you back. 

What information do you need in an email or on the phone?
We need your name, address, and a list of the items you need.

What will happen next?
Your shopping request will be allocated to one of our shopping volunteers. They will ring you on the number you have provided to make arrangements for delivery, agree how you will reimburse them for the cost of the shopping and anything else it would be useful to discuss. 

How quickly will my shopping be done and delivered to me?
We will aim to get your shopping to you as quickly as possible and in most cases within 3 days.

Is there any limit to how much shopping you can get for me?
Yes, we would ask that you limit your list to shopping you’d expect to come to £30.

Is there any limit to how often I can ask for help with my shopping?
No, you can ask us for help as often as you need, although we may have to prioritise others who have not had any shopping delivered if things get busy.

How do I reimburse the volunteer for the shopping?
You do this directly with the volunteer who delivers the shopping as they will have paid for the goods themselves.  A BACs transfer or PayPal payment is best as this avoids risk of infection from handling cash. However, if you are unable to pay electronically, cash is acceptable and your shopping volunteer with help you to minimise risk of infection in the exchange. 

When do I reimburse the volunteer for the shopping?
You pay when the shopping volunteer delivers the shopping. 

What other support groups have been set up in Portobello?

There are a number of other neighbour support groups that have been set up in Portobello who are willing to act as the first port of call for anyone in need of help within those particular streets. The list can be seen here and if you can contact them by emailing info@portobellotimebank.co.uk.

I’m in a street-level group. Can we be added to your list?

Yes, please email info@portobellotimebank.co.uk with details of your group and your contact information. These won’t be published but will be held by Portobello Timebank and used to refer neighbours on to you if they email the time bank email address. 

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