Porty Coronavirus Action

Local people, helping neighbours

We are a group of local residents who would like to support the community by offering shopping support to…

 – People who are self-isolating

 – Key workers who are struggling to get what they need due to long working hours and empty supermarket shelves

 – People who are caring for young and/ or elderly relatives and are finding it difficult to get to the shops

If you need support with shopping please email portycoronavirusaction@gmail.com or call us on 0131 210 0200. If emailing please provide a list of what shopping you need (up to maximum £30.00). One of our volunteers will contact you to discuss and arrange delivery, agree payment method and will then shop for your items while out buying their own shopping. They will deliver your shopping to your door, along with a receipt detailing the cost of the items.

Government guidelines on social distancing and hygiene will be rigorously maintained at all times by our shoppers.

We are your local neighbours and not a professional body.

If you need medical advice call the NHS on 111 or use the NHS online coronavirus service at 111.nhs.uk/covid-19.

Even if you’re self-isolating, you’re not alone. 

Our Data Protection position: When our volunteers speak with you to take your shopping order they will ask for your consent to collect and store some basic personal details on our system. The details will be name, address and contact telephone number. These details will be deleted once we have fulfilled your order(s).

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